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Melrose Place Neighborhood Mid Century Modern with Flamingos


Flower Decoration

Here for You.

The Melrose Civic Association exists to help you, our neighbor, by ensuring that our neighborhood remains a safe and pleasurable place to live.  


We are a non-profit organization registered in Louisiana that focuses on the continued growth of Melrose Place, elevating our home values, representing our shared concerns in municipal matters, and keeping neighbors connected.

Melrose Place Neighborhood Porch Chairs

In 2023, the Melrose Civic Association joined the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations. We are  committed to understanding our connection to the communities around us, learning, and improving our processes.

Some Things We Do.

By maintaining strong ties with the board of the Melrose Place Crime Prevention District and the neighborhood's security patrol, we can augment its effectiveness and better represent your concerns.

We Work with the Crime Prevention District.

Melrose Place Neighborhood Cozy Front Porch
Melrose Place Neighborhood White House

We Protect Our A1 Zoning.

Melrose Place is zoned A1 by the City of Baton Rouge.  A1 zoning means "Single Family Residential" and technically that not more than two unrelated people may live in a household. Melrose Civic Association stays alert to zoning change proposals and requests for variance. We are dedicated to maintaining the character and integrity of this area and protecting our homeowners' interests.  Monitoring zoning change proposals and taking action to abate zoning violations is an important role of the civic association.

We Uphold City Ordinances.

We discourage illegal parking, ensure property is maintained, and help acquire municipal services on behalf of residents when needed. We follow the guidelines established in the Baton Rouge Code of Ordinances and align our practices with the Baton Rouge Office of Neighborhoods.

Melrose Place Neighborhood Architectural Example

We Keep Things Looking Good.

The Civic Association plans seasonal beautification projects and makes sure that public spaces are kept neat and clean.  We encourage well-kept yards through our Yard of the Month program.


Among other factors, home value correlates with an attractive neighborhood, and we hope to increase our home values by working together to increase its beauty.

We Bring People Together.

The Civic Association is ultimately about building community. Over the years, and with generous donations of time from residents, we've held neighborhood meetings, coordinated fall and spring events at the Triangle (Fairfax Park), provided resources for teachers and students of Melrose Elementary, and planted trees and flowers as a community endeavor. As we gain new footing, we will continue to find new ways to engage our residents to strengthen our bonds and improve our quality of life.

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Board of Directors

  • David West, President

  • Amy Pirtle, Vice President

  • Jordyn Martin, Treasurer

  • Heidi Guircio, Secretary

Good People to Know

This is a partial list of residents that have made meaningful contributions to the Melrose Place community over the years, some of which (thankfully!) continue to consult with us.

  • Sam Irwin

  • Clayton Weeks

  • Susie Weeks

  • Alan Jennings

  • Neil Cheong

  • Steve Gremillion

  • Donna Collins-Lewis

  • Evelyn Ware

Committee Members

  • Shawanda Hill

  • Chanda Walker

  • Valerie Spencer

  • Heather Devitt

  • Janice Charles

  • Rick Vallet

  • Robert Johnson

  • Charmaine Torry

  • Betty Dupont

Melrose Place Volunteers
Melrose Place Neighborhood Fun at the Park
Melrose Place Neighborhood Riding a Bike
Melrose Place Neighborhood Cleanup
Melrose Place Neighborhood Planting a Tree
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