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Dear (future) Melrose Neighbor,

The Melrose Civic Association is thrilled that you're considering a home in Melrose Place!  We love our neighborhood and think you will too.

Our number one goal is helping you protect the investment of your new home.

We know buying a home is a big decision. The Melrose Civic Association works to protect the integrity of our neighborhood so that you can feel confident about your decision to purchase a home here. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Encourage residents to follow city ordinances.

  • Ensure that A1 zoning rules are adhered to.

  • Maintain relationships with municipal agencies, city council, and developers.

  • Advocate for our residents and help ensure public services are fulfilled.

  • Coordinate beautification projects of public spaces and promote well-kept yards

  • Build community through social events and activities.


Security comes built in.

Your new home will be within the Melrose Crime Prevention District (MPCPD).  This is an organization  made up of Melrose Place residents who have been appointed to the MPCPD board by multiple governmental offices and the Melrose Civic Association.  Together, they manage a dedicated security patrol. Members of this patrol are made up of off-duty BRPD officers, and they maintain a daily presence in our neighborhood.  Additionally, the board works together with the Melrose Civic Association to find additional ways to deter crime and keep our community safe.

You're the next big thing here.


We welcome you and look forward to your becoming a part of our neighborhood!


David West


Melrose Civic Association

(225) 278-3185

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