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Speeding Into Summer: Melrose Security Offerings

Melrose Place Cleanup Crew

Summer is coming, and the Melrose Place Crime Prevention District (MPCPD) wants to give you an additional sense of security with the roll out of a few security resources and inform you of how we're approaching some concerns in our neighborhood. All links below can also be found on our neighborhood security page.

NEW: Vacation Checks

If you are going out of town and want additional security coverage, fill out this form to inform the MPCPD security patrol. The form takes only a minute, and the patrol will perform additional regular checks at your property during the time you're away, hopefully giving you a little extra peace while you're away.

Crime Reporting

Residents are also encouraged to report criminal activity as soon as they discover it. For emergencies, call 9-1-1; for non-emergencies, call the BRPD Dispatch at 225-389-2000 (pro tip: save this number in your contacts). Once reported, residents are asked to inform the MPCPD through this form for follow-up. Help stop crime by reporting crime to the proper authorities. 

Speeding & Summer Safety

The MPCPD has received several complaints of residents speeding through the neighborhood and failing to stop at stop signs. With school ending and kids home during the long summer days, the failure to adhere to these traffic laws can create unsafe conditions for those who live and play in Melrose Place.

The neighborhood has a speed limit of 25 mph throughout - and stop signs are those octagonal red signs :) As such, the MPCPD has requested that the security patrol issue tickets (no warnings!) to those who violate these basic traffic rules. 

Additionally, petty crime and storeroom break-ins are common throughout the summer months. Please be sure to lock your storerooms, storage sheds, and vehicles, and report any crimes you discover as soon as you can. 

The MPCPD hopes you have a fantastic and safe summer. If you have any questions/concerns/ideas, please feel free to contact the MPCPD at

Amy Pirtle


Melrose Place Crime Prevention District

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